Personalization builds Emotional Loyalty

Personalization builds Emotional Loyalty

Personalization builds Emotional Loyalty

When it comes to loyalty, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Consumers want brands to get to know them and personalize their experiences accordingly. Customers can become active participants in their favorite brands, rather than just passive consumers. This type of participation creates a sense of identification with the brand and creates incentives for all involved.

Let’s say Coca Cola wants to make its product range, events and marketing campaigns even more customer-centric. In a community setting with Berryfy, Coca Cola's customers would not only have the opportunity to connect with a group of people who share similar interests, but also have a voting right to express their desires in polls or feedback rounds.

In times of overstimulation by brands, constantly undercutting each other, discounts and special offers everywhere, it makes no sense at all to jump on this train and throw around even more discounts and ads in order to retain customers in the long term.

Companies need to stand out by building a relationship based on emotional loyalty. This type of loyalty is created when there is a deeper underlying understanding between brands and customers. As a loyal Coca-Cola customer, I would much rather be asked by the brand what I desire than have products placed for me in an ad that I may not need.

One exciting way to make brand loyalty exciting for customers is with co-creation. With Berryfy, Coca Cola, for example, could simply ask and involve its community members in decision-making processes and make corporate activities more customer-centric. This is because the data collected from surveys, feedback rounds or votes can be evaluated directly and used as valuable insights.

After all, the opportunity to have a say in key decisions regarding the brand, products, loyalty program, etc. is an excellent way to strengthen loyalty between brand and customer. This type of reward shows the customer that the brand values their opinion and feedback.

While intrinsic reasons may not be enough for some customers to co-create with Coca Cola, rewards can be attached to survey participation. There are almost no limits to what the brand can do. For example, discounts, special experiences, events, and gifts can be given out, and even the rank within the community can be leveled up.

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