The Future of Loyalty is interoperable

The Future of Loyalty is interoperable

The Future of Loyalty is interoperable

The cost of acquiring new customers is out of control. To counter this negative trend, the key is to increase customer lifetime value. Another opportunity to do so is to create a customer loyalty network. This allows brands to unlock partnerships and collaborations that were not previously possible. As a result, the brand offers not only rewards from its own loyalty program, but additionally some from that of its partners.

Let’s say Starbucks wants to tap into new market segments with new customers. To do so Starbucks opens up their customer loyalty program on Berryfy to partner with other brands. Not only does this open up the partner customer segments for Starbucks, but at the same time, the brand offers additional benefits to the existing community.

These benefits and rewards can range from exclusive access to products, to discounts, to unique experiences designed to encourage new customers to also join their loyalty program and interact with their community.

Today's customer loyalty programs are self-contained and incompatible systems. Berryfy's loyalty programs consist of compatible systems. This means that significantly more value is created for brands, all at low set-up costs. We use technology that enables brand partnerships and grants authorized access only to the respective community members. This makes membership in the loyalty programs not only valuable, but also exclusive.

Brand collaborations are a powerful tool for customer acquisition & customer retention. Often, a brand collaboration is more effective than just the two isolated brand communities.

Let's assume Starbucks is collaborating with the fashion brand Zara. Both brands have created their loyalty program with Berryfy. To encourage the Zara community to drink more coffee at Starbucks, Starbucks can offer a discount on coffee to all Zara loyalty members. On the other hand, Zara can offer an exclusive fashion item to Zara and Starbucks community members. The two communities now feel equal and valued by two brands.

In addition, the collaborating brands can reward members who participate in both loyalty programs with exclusive gifts, events and other unique experiences. With Berryfy, brands can seamlessly collaborate with as many partners as they want and offer exclusive benefits. The future of loyalty programs is interoperable.

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