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Cross Engagement

Link your social media channels as well as your online and offline store to your Customer Hub through the following tools:
  • API to multiple Channels
  • CMS for the Hub
  • QR Code for immersive Experiences
Berryfy Cross Engagement
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Why your Business needs a Multichannel Customer Experience Strategy.

User Generated Content

UGC is hard to get. You need to give your customers a good reason to write about you.

Crosschannel Marketing

By importing content to one place, your customers will see it without being signed in to another platform.

Omnichannel Experiences

By connecting all channels, you provide a seamless experience no matter where your customers are.

This is how you can integrate Cross Engagement to create unique Experiences.

API to multiple channels

Use our API with the largest social media and store providers to reward your customers for interactions outside of the Hub.

Social Media Integration

Automatically upload your social media content to your hub so all customers can see and interact with your new content.

QR Code Scanner

A QR code scanner integrated in the app allows your customers to collect points offline as well.

Strong Communities lead to Impressive Metrics & Help achieve Business Goals.

Survey Icon

Get Insights

Align your loyalty program with the needs of your customers. Use the Survey Feature to ask your most important customers for feedback, create polls or involve them in development processes of a product.

Gamification icon

Increase Engagement

Increase the usage rate of your loyalty program in a fun way. With the Gamification Feature, you can create tasks that your customers have to complete or scavenger hunts in order to collect rewards.

Shop Icon

Boost Sales

Offer your customers exclusive products or give them early access to certain products. You increase your sales not only by strengthening customer loyalty, but also through the integrated Shop Feature.

Calendar Icon

Create Experiences

Organize unique and unforgettable moments with our Event Feature. Whether it's live webinars, AMA sessions or Metaverse get-togethers, we've got you covered.

Chat icon

Improve Communication

Be close and always available for your customers. The Chat & Connect Feature allows you to start a dialogue within your own ecosystem.

Social Media Icon

Provide Exclusivity

Make sure your customers can unlock exclusive videos, audios, images or documents with the Content Feature. Turn paid memberships into loyalty memberships.

No Complexity. Outstanding Usability.

We use innovative technologies to revolutionize the relationship between you and your customers.

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Rethinking the Customer Relationship.

In a world where nearly all customer engagement efforts are transaction-based, it is often better as a brand to focus on the non-monetary benefits and rewards. These are the ones where the brand's uniqueness and personality shine. These are the ones that connect your customers more deeply with your brand and turn them into fans of the brand. Let's say Pamela Reif is ...

Berryfy Community
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Personalization builds Emotional Loyalty.

When it comes to loyalty, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Consumers want brands to get to know them and personalize their experiences accordingly. Customers can become active participants in their favorite brands, rather than just passive consumers. This type of participation creates a sense of ownership in the brand, aligning incentives for all stakeholders. Let's say Coca Cola wants ...

Berryfy Cocreation
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The Future of Loyalty is Interoperable.

The cost of acquiring new customers is out of control. To counter this negative trend, the key is to increase customer lifetime value. To do so, with Berryfy brands can create a customer loyalty network that requires minimal resources and can scale with any brand partners. As a result, not only are loyalty points being used more, but brands are also tapping into new customers and market segments at the same time. Let's say Starbucks wants ...

Berryfy Interoperable
More than a Customer Loyalty Program

Increase the Lifetime Value of your Customers now.