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Chat & Connect

The Chat & Connect Feature allows you to create a community within your own ecosystem.

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Chat & Connect

Build a community within your own ecosystem

There are many ways to communicate with your customers online. The most popular channels include social media and email. The problem is that communication is usually very one-way, from company to customer.

Of course, there can be a few conversations by commenting on a post or replying to an email, but this is not the main function of these channels.

Create a Win-Win situation

With our Chat & Connect Feature, we enable companies not only to communicate directly with their most loyal customers, but also allow customers to connect and chat with each other.

This network effect is a big win for both sides. For one, like-minded people who are fans of your business can interact, help and share experiences. On the other hand, a community always strengthens the relationship with a brand and ensures that customers become fans.

Say goodbye to third-party applications

We don't want to replace social media platforms by any means, that would be insane. They are still great for turning interested people into followers. If followers turn into customers that you want to retain for your brand, then our solution makes more sense.

There are already apps like Discord, Clubhouse, or Twitter Spaces that are great for closed-space communication. The problem here, however, is that you need your own account for these applications and most customers are overwhelmed with using them.

Your design, your data

In addition, you can only customize these spaces very minimally to match your own company's corporate identity, which can also lead to confusion among customers. Last but not least, the data is also with the third-party providers and not with you.

We solve all these points with the Chat & Connect Feature. Customers who already have an account with your company don't need a new one. The design of the space is also completely in your company's design and you collect, manage and use the data.