Reward your community with exclusive content like pictures, videos, music or podcast episodes.

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Provide more exclusivity with unlockable and unpublished content

In times when almost everything is accessible to most people on the Internet, exclusive content is becoming increasingly important. Many companies therefore integrate unlockable content, usually for a fee.

Unlockable content can add value to a product offering or increase engagement with a service. It can also serve as a reward for achieving certain goals or milestones, encouraging users to continue using the product. In addition, unlockable content can be used to monetize by allowing users to purchase access to additional content or features.

With Berryfy, it is precisely this exclusivity that can be sustainably increased within your customer groups. Customers want to be offered exclusive content as a reward for their loyalty. For example, it is possible to unlock content either by paying a fee, by owning exclusive access keys, and by increased interaction with the brand. This access is then reserved exclusively for a group of customers you specify. All content formats can be integrated as rewards for download or consumption.

Your content, your rules

Offer your customers either for payment or for loyalty the following content:

  • Videos
  • Images
  • Music
  • Podcasts
  • Documents
  • And more

There are many ways to use unlockable content on Berryfy, depending on your goals and the type of product you are creating. Some examples are:

  • Progress-based unlocks: Allow your customers to unlock new content or products when they reach a certain loyalty status.
  • Achievement-based unlocks: Reward users for achieving certain goals or milestones, such as reaching a certain loyalty score or high community engagement.
  • Time-based unlocks: Unlock new content or features on specific events, such as daily or weekly challenges.
  • Paid unlocks: Allow users to purchase access to additional content or features.
  • Social-based unlocks: Reward users for social media engagement, e.g., sharing on social media.
  • Mystery boxes: Reward users with random content or features when they complete certain tasks.

Contact us and we'll find out what type of unlockable content makes the most sense for your organization and business goals.