Whether it's live webinars, AMA sessions or Metaverse get-togethers, we've got you covered.

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Offer your customers an experience they will never forget

Events nowadays take place both offline and online. With our Event Feature you can organize both for your customers. We even go one step further, into the Metaverse.

Use our ticketing solution for classic events that take place in real life.

Events that take place in real life require a bit more effort than pure online events. An essential part of the organization are the tickets. For a smooth admission, they should be presentable via smartphone and, above all, tamper-proof. Our Event Feature with integrated ticketing solution offers all of this.

Organize online events to which only selected customers have access

Events that take place online have long since become the standard. Whether it's live webinars, Ask Me Anything sessions or live courses, there are countless reasons to host an event online. The beauty is that you can invite customers from all over the world. With our solution you make sure that only your selected customers can participate in the event.

The next level is the Metaverse

The buzzword Metaverse is certainly known to most people, even if there is still no uniform and universally valid definition. For us, events in the Metaverse are a gamechanger, because they are a hybrid of online and real events. Our Event Feature allows you to organize events in virtual rooms or worlds. The participants take part as avatars and can interact with each other just like in real life. Perfect for concerts or partys.