Create gamified incentives to keep the community constantly engaged. Completed challenges to benefit your brand grow the community.

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Boost the usage rate of your loyalty program and increase engagement on multiple channels

Unredeemed rewards and low engagement are indicators that customers are less interested and therefore less likely to continue purchasing a brand's products. This is often due to a loyalty program's lack of user-friendliness and incentives, which often don't provide the motivation needed to consistently use the program. "Non-redeemers" are more than twice as likely to turn their back on a brand as those who consistently use the program.

Why gaming can energize your loyalty program

People love to play games. A good game keeps people engaged and trying to win or level up. This requires solving tasks that become more difficult or require more effort over time.

Our Gamification Feature is designed to trigger exactly that in your customers. With the help of tasks, your customers can collect points or unlock further rewards. This not only leads to more frequent use of your loyalty program, but also to cross-selling effects, promotions of new products or the growth of your social media channels.

Examples of tasks could be:

  • Follow us on Instagram and get X points or reward Y
  • Give a review when buying one of our products and receive X points or reward Y
  • Recommend us to a friend and receive X points or reward Y