Brand identification grows when the community has access to products that others do not.

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Increase your sales and reward your customers with exclusive products and early access

Products or services that not everyone can buy or book have become a kind of status symbol. With our Shop Feature you can offer both physical and digital products that not everyone should have access to. The advantage is that this store is completely separate from your main store and you decide which of your customers can access these products or services.

The problem with early access these days

You know the queues in front of the stores when an exclusive and limited product is launched. In this case, the customers who are early on the spot win. The problem is that most of the time these are not your most loyal customers, but people who buy these limited products and immediately sell them at a higher price on the secondary market. Much to the frustration of your most loyal customers.

Reward your most loyal and not just any customers

With the help of the Shop Feature, you determine who can buy these products and also grant them advance access. These products do not always have to be limited editions. They can also be products that will be launched on the market at a later date. However, the customers you select are allowed to buy and test these products beforehand. You can also use this feature for product research purposes. The beauty of it is that both your customers and your company win.