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Marc Hiller Berryfy
Product & Technology
Michael Eisele Berryfy
General Manager
Music Business Specialist
Web3 Specialist
Florian Suckfüll Berryfy
Strategy & Management
Lukas Glatt Berryfy
Marketing & Design

Our story.

Former classmates, business partners and, most importantly, friends. Berryfy is not only the result of three passionate entrepreneurs, but more the answer to our question from the customer's point of view:

“How cool would it be to receive innovative and personalized rewards for loyalty to our favorite brands instead of stamp cards and discounts?”

At the same time, from an entrepreneurial point of view, the following thought hit us:

"We know how to leverage Web3 technologies. Let's help our favorite brands reward their customers in unique ways to improve customer loyalty dramatically!"

Why we created Berryfy?

As the owner of a Web3 strategy consultancy, we've come across the same needs over and over again in discussions with clients: Brands want to use NFTs primarily to increase the customer retention.

The reasons for this are obvious. Acquiring new customers is up to five times more expensive than retaining existing ones. In addition, existing loyalty programs rarely meet customer expectations. No customer centricity. No impressive customer experience. No utilization.

Our passion and expertise in blockchain technology quickly manifested the vision for Berryfy. We revolutionize the opportunities within a customer loyalty program and transform customers into fans of the brands.

The framework for Berryfy was clear to us relatively quickly: we are building a Web2-friendly Web3 solution to take advantage of blockchain technologies without exposing users to complexity. With this strategy, we want to do our part for the mass adoption of Web3 technologies. Maximum user experience. No technical hurdles.


Who complement each other perfectly not only in their jobs but also in their private lives.

Companies in Web3

With the second company called minth, the founders own the leading Web3 consultancy in the German-speaking region.

Berryfy Users

With 70 test users, Berryfy is already proving more than just a proof of concept.

Meet the Advisors, Partners and Investors.

We are supported by experienced people from business and academic research.

Manuel Baum Berryfy
Digital Transformation Specialist
Michael Eisele Berryfy
General Manager
Music Business Specialist
Web3 Specialist
Marion Reichel Berryfy
Tech Investor
New Business Development
Innovation Specialist
Matthias Nawrocki Berryfy
Senior Technology Manager
Head of Startup Collaboration
Web3 Specialist
Kai Buehler Berryfy
Tech Investor
Serial Entrepreneur
Daniel Trauth Berryfy
Blockchain Specialist

We're backed by incredible investors

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Our values.

In our view, entrepreneurship only works with the right values. Especially when the team consists of friends.

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We strive for innovations that enable a revolutionary scale in business and private life. In doing so, it is important to us to make all complexities invisible to people, while the added values become omnipresent.

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A separation of tasks and responsibilities is key to us. Everyone knows what they are the best at and takes responsibility for the results in the areas accordingly. Nevertheless, a regular update on learnings is essential.

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We quickly realized the potential of Web3 and the potential within us. We jumped right in and quit jobs and leases to enable collaborative and flexible working. To feel that everyone is giving their all is essential.

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Team Work

From school projects to study researches to the work on a business plan. We have always worked together and respect each other's different views, which in combination still make all the difference.

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Never before has it been possible to prove ownership of (digital) assets as clearly as with the help of the blockchain. Early on in 2021, we were excited about the concept of NFTs and want to work toward mass adoption..

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We work a lot. And we work hard. But hard work is worth nothing without results. We start each morning with a daily briefing and end each work week with a success session to keep efficiency as a priority.

More than a Customer Loyalty Program

Increase the Lifetime Value of your Customers now.